Sight Singing - Advanced Placement


Sight-singing is the ability to read and sing music at first sight. The ability to sight-sing is an essential skill that benefits musicians of all levels of ability who play all instruments (including singers), and all styles of music. Sight-singing focuses on pitch reading, pitch accuracy, and rhythmical skills.  All levels of Sight-singing develop, reinforce, and then build upon the ability to read and sing at sight core elements of music theory: intervals, major and minor scales, diatonic and chromatic melodies, and simple modulations. Increasingly challenging solo songs, rounds, and part singing are introduced as students progress. Classes may be taken repeatedly. 

Please note: the last five minutes of class is for pack-up and students movement between classes.

Grade Range: 9 - 12


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Green 9/21 - 5/24 Mo 04:15 PM - 05:00 PM $990.00 20